When flies are a problem in Cyprus get a fly slayer

When flies are a problem in Cyprus get a fly slayer

When you live in Cyprus, you understand just how annoying flies can be. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a simple solution to keep them at bay?

You need a Fly Slayer. It’s the ulimate fly catcher. You might think it’s a curious contraption – a slowly revolving circular drum containing sugar and water attracts flies and deposits them in a clear plastic tank.

It’s like a hotel for flies. But with an important difference. They check in, but they don’t check out. And you get to enjoy your life, fly free.

You can have a fly free life with a Fly Slayer for just €79.95, including delivery in Cyprus.

Order Get rid of annoying flies Including delivery in Cyprus @ 79.95

One Response to Fly Slayer

  1. robin shutt says:

    please could you let me know where I can obtain the bait?

    Many thanks

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