Get the most from your swimming pool with Everything About Pools

Get the most from your swimming pool with Everything About Pools

Everything you need to know to create, maintain and enjoy your own swimming pool

An e-book you can download for just €19.95

Read everything you need to know to care and maintain your swimming pool in just a couple of hours a week.  DIY that’ll really save you money.

Aimed at the new pool owner, Everything About Pools is an e-book containing all the knowledge we built up creating, maintaining and enjoying our own swimming pool.

This isn’t theoretical or some sales hype, it’s all the pragmatic and practical lessons we learned about making the swimming pool that’s become the centre of our outdoor living.

Everything About Pools is everything you need to know to…

  • Create your swimming pool
  • Care for and maintain your swimming pool
  • Enjoy your swimming pool

Become a swimming pool expert

Everything About Pools has more than 70 illustrated pages of facts, advice and things you need to know to create, maintain and enjoy your very own swimming pool.

Become your very own swimming pool expert in just a few hours reading. Learn about…

  • What should you think about when you’re creating a swimming pool?
  • How do you look after your swimming pool to keep it safe and fun?
  • What routine maintenance does your swimming pool need?
  • What games can all the family play in your swimming pool?

Practical swimming pool advice

Everything About Pools is written from our own practical experience of having a swimming pool built in our garden, and then creating the outdoor living space around it.

We assume you’re not actually digging a very large hole and pouring tons of concrete yourself.  We assume you’re working with a pool contractor to do that.

But there are still a host of choices to make, and the first section Creating Your Pool will help you make those choices intelligently.

Once our swimming pool was complete, we spent ages learning everything there is to know about how to look after it.

All that knowledge is included in second section Maintenance and care of your pool. 

Finally, we wanted some pool games all the family could play.  We wanted to learn about how we could use the pool as a part of our exercise routine.  That knowledge is included in the third section Enjoying your pool.

All in one simple e-book

All the knowledge we struggled to learn is contained in this simple to understand e-book for the swimming pool beginner.

Look after your swimming pool right, and it’ll be a great addition to your lifestyle.

Avoid the problems that can occur by following the easy-to-do maintenance schedule that’ll keep your pool clear, fresh, safe and fun.

Order Complete guide to looking after your own swimming pool e-book download @ 19.95

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