Want to get the most from visiting Cyprus?  This is the website for you! 

This site is about helping you enjoy your visit to Cyprus.  It's about finding things to do and see that most tourists miss.  If something's good – we'll say so.  And if something isn't so good, we'll say so too.

We've visited Cyprus many times, and now own a villa in the charming truly Cypriot village of Polemi in Paphos Region.  That means much of the content is about Paphos Region, but hey, we still haven't seen or done it all. 

We love the island, its people and its way of life.  I guess that makes us biased. 

We've always tried to get off the beaten track.  So sure – there's posts in here about Paphos Waterpark and Tombs of the Kings.  But there's also posts that'll take you horse riding by the sea at sunset, to beaches you can pretty much have to yourself and to some truly delightful Cypriot villages you can soak up with the locals outside a coffee shop.

Blogs like this depend on your feedback, so don't be shy or hold back.  Tell it like it is.  If you laughed till your sides hurt, share.  If you hated something, say why. 

Most of all, enjoy our content and use it to enjoy Cyprus!


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