Fasouri Watermania Waterpark near Limassol in Cyprus is an awesome fun day out for families, friends and children. Fasouri Watermania Waterpark packs an impressive array of attractions, facilities and services.

Biggest in Cyprus

Fasouri Watermania Waterpark is presently the biggest waterpark in Cyprus both in size (over 100.000 square meters – 25 acres) and number of attractions and facilities (with 30 different slides for all ages, two restaurants and three snack bars). It entertains thousands of local and tourist visitors every year.

Here are brief descriptions of the slides and attractions we tried during our day at the waterpark.

Six Lane Mat Racer

Check out which is the fastest way down on the incredible six lane mat racer. Lay your mats down and shift into fast gear for an exciting 100 metre slippery race to the bottom!  Fun…

Two Aqua Tube Slides

Grab your tubes and spin down a six story, 120 metre long curvy slide and enjoy sneaky drops and turns that land you in the middle of a giant swimming pool!  Ace…

Black Hole and Extreme Black Hole Slides

Slide into the mysterious black holes and shoot through 120 metres of twisting splashes in complete darkness!  Spooky…

Black Cannons

Become a human cannon ball while 1,000 litres of water per minute propel you in the air after you shoot through a steep black cannon and land (in all sorts of positions) in the pool!  Shorter, but steeper than the Kamikaze.  Ouch…


Rush down a steep watery pipeline and find yourself whirling around a giant water-bowl. Experiment with various body positions and spin around Pro bowl’s high-bank walls trying to beat gravity before you find yourself falling down the splash pool exit!  Yay…

Triple Tube Slide

Up to three people can enjoy this amazing ride and zoom together down a 150 meter and six storey high tube slide!  Arrggghhhh…

Body Slides

Grab your tube with or without your partner and enjoy our 120m partly open air slide!  Try both…

Combination Shower Slide

A combination of open-air and enclosed tube slide for one or two persons. Get drenched by several showers on the way down.  Our favourite…

Full On Action

One of the really good things about Fasouri Watermania Waterpark is the short queues.  We visited in early August at the height of the holiday season and rarely queued for more than a few minutes to enjoy any of the rides.


Its an expensive day out – especially so if you eat lunch in the waterpark.  But we reckon it was still good value.  Keep your eyes open for occasional promotional offers.


The Waterpark is conveniently located in the beautiful Fasouri area, fifteen minutes outside Limassol town centre and ten minutes off the Limassol-Paphos highway.

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