Three Stars shipwreck near Akrotiri in Cyprus

One of Cyprus’ most notable shipwrecks is the Three Stars, wrecked on the rocks near Akrotiri.  We went to check it today and here’s what we found.

The wreck of the Three Stars

One of well known shipwrecks of the Cyprus coast is the Three Stars wreck.  This is wreck of the modern cargo ship, which caught fire and ran aground in 1972. The wreck is partly submerged in about 7 m of water about 50m off the coast near the village of Akrotiri.

Location and getting there

View Wreck of the Three Stars in a larger map

The wreck of the Three Stars is easy to find.  Just follow the road to Akrotiri village. Just before the village, there are lots of radio masts on your right and the salt lake on your left.  As the radio masts end, there is an archway carrying cables to the masts over a track on your right.  Take the track and follow it to the sea (4×4 a good idea). You’ll find the wreck a few 100m to your left when you get to the sea.


We wanted to snorkel the wreck, but after trying pretty hard, gave up.  It was a fairly breezy day, so the waves were crashing onto the rocks of the coast making getting in to the sea pretty ‘interesting’.

We eventually succeeded in getting past the rocks and in to the sea, but then couldn’t see much because the waves were kicking up lots of sand from the bottom making underwater visibility almost zero.

Sadly, we had to give this one a miss.  Maybe we’ll try again on a calmer day.

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