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The west coast of the Akamas Peninsula nature reserve has some great diving and snorkelling. One of the easiest places to get to is Toxeftra. Here’s what we found when we snorkelled there.

Getting there

The road that goes to Toxeftra becomes an unmade rack, though most cars with reasonable ground clearance ought to be able to get there without trouble.

Follow the coast road north from Paphos past Coral Bay to Agios Georgios. Just as you’re entering Agios Georgios, look for a turning on the right at the Sunset Café.

Take the right turn and follow the road north into the Akamas. It soon becomes an unmade track, and Toxeftra comes up just after the turning on the right to the Avakas Gorge.

We chose to go to the far end of the beach to make it easy to get into the sea and swim around to the rocks beyond.

What’s good about it?

Clear water, lots of rocks with fish, easy to get into the sea when the sea is calm.

What’s bad about it?

The first bit of water is often sandy with poor visibility, but swim on out and towards the rocks to get to crystal clear water.  On days when there are waves, you need to be careful with the strong currents.  On days like that, this one is for strong swimmers only.

Our snorkel rating?

Three out of five. As a snorkelling location in Cyprus, this is good and easy to access.

See for yourself

Watch our videos of snorkelling at Toxeftra, or check out my YouTube Channel for more snorkelling and diving videos:

Location Map

View Toxeftra in a larger map

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