Snorkelling at Aphrodite's Baths near Latchi

A favourite place for some snorkelling in Cyprus is Aphrodite’s Baths near Latchi on the Akamas coastline.  Easy to get to, easy to park, a beach to keep the family entertained, lots of fish – not to be missed.

Aphrodite’s Baths has a beach surrounded by rocks the fish just love.  The water is clear and gently slopes down getting deeper in the middle of the bay.  You can either gently drift along taking in the abundance of fish around the rocks, or freedive down in the deeper parts.

The only caution is the bay is popular with people driving rented boats (who don’t necessarily think about snorkellers).  Keep to the edges or around the rocks, or use a float on the surface to advertise your presence to even the dumbest holiday captain.

Enjoy our latest videos of snorkelling at Aphrodite’s Baths.

Location Map

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2 Responses to Snorkelling at Aphrodite’s Baths near Latchi

  1. greengoddess says:

    We are headed to Paphos and surrounding area for this Christmas and New Year’s. I am guessing that the weather and the ocean at that time of year are too chilly for snorkelling – is that correct?

    • admin says:


      It sort of depends how brave you are! We swim in the sea to the end of October comfortably. We’ve never tried December, but people do. The sea temperature is supposed to be between 16 and 19 degrees C which I can believe. I guess with a wetsuit and a big “Whaa” as you get in it could be OK.


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