Cyprus Rally 1972

Here’s another vintage rallying gem – a video of the 1972 Cyprus Rally. In the happy days before the island was split, this is pure petrol fuelled, full-on rally action nostalgia.

The video starts out with a Cyprus Airways Trident landing, presumably at the original (and now frozen in a time warp) Nicosia Airport. I wonder if it’s the Trident that’s still sat there, (5B-DAB) quietly rusting away since its last flight in 1974?

The video then moves on to the competitors completing the pre-rally formalities. There’s some interesting hair styles there, and some facial hair that would get a laugh today.

Scrutineering looks interesting, as does the fact the 1972 Cyprus Rally was sponsored by Rothmans.

The cars taking part are an eclectic mix. I spotted Ford Escorts, a Ford Capri, BMW 3 series, a Fiat, a Triumph TR6 and a Morris Marina. There’s also a Mercedes, presumably still in use somewhere on the island as a taxi.

The route is interesting too. The start was from the racecourse in Nicosia, another location held in the time warp of the UN buffer zone between the two sides of a divided Cyprus. Along the route I spotted shots taken in Kyreneia and Famagusta – it would be interesting to know the whole route.

At least the Cyprus dust is consistent with today!

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