Cyprus 4x4 Rally 2012

The 2012 Cyprus 4×4 Rally was held on Saturday 9 June. Starting out from Limassol, the 4x4s headed west towards Paramali, taking in a bunch of tracks across the countryside. As well as navigate the route, competitors answered questions about things they saw.

Exploring Cyprus by 4×4

The 2012 Cyprus 4×4 Rally had 17 entries driving a mixture of different 4x4s. This wasn’t a technical 4×4 challenge, more an interesting off road drive through the Cyprus countryside taking in a few challenging sections.

The whole event was more good natured and fun rather than out an out competitive.

Navigation and questions

Competitors had a road book that described where they had to go. As well as route directions and distances, it included questions about things the drivers would see along the way.

At various points the teams had to gather evidence they’d actually completed the route. So for example, at “Pylon Pass” they had to take a photo of their car with the sea in the distant background.

Pictures and video

Enjoy the video of the Cyprus 4×4 Rally 2012 (8min 36sec):

Wish I’d entered

I’ve seen 4×4 challenges that can be very damaging to your car. Not so this. Sure the route had challenge, but nothing that would be damaging with a degree of care.

Bring on next year’s Cyprus 4×4 Rally, I’ll be there competing next time.

Find out more

You can find out more about the rally at the Cyprus 4×4 Rally website or at it’s Facebook Page.

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