Roads in Cyprus collapsing after the rains

Let’s face it, the roads in Cyprus are pretty poor.  But after the recent extreme rainfall there’s a whole load of new hazards to contend with.

Extreme rains

January and February 2012 have been two of the wettest months on record.  January saw more than three times the average rainfall, while February saw more than twice the average.  That amount of rain has taken its toll of Cyprus’ roads.

It hasn’t just been the amount of rain, it’s been the intensity of it.  Some of the storms have been quite amazing with their ferocity and the sheer volume of rain that’s fallen.

Damage to Cyprus roads

The damage to the roads has been quite amazing.  And we’re not just talking minor country roads.

In places, huge amounts of rock and earth have been washed down onto the roads.  In other places, the roads have subsided hugely.

The picture above shows just one example of a main road that has been quite literally washed down a hillside.

The message?  Please drive carefully in Cyprus.  You really don’t know what t expect around the next corner.

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