Drinking and Driving in Cyprus

Be aware the Cyprus Police are having a big crackdown on drinking and driving in Cyprus.  

Two weeks, stopped twice

In two weeks, I’ve been stopped twice now in spot checks.  I should point out that as far as drinking and driving goes, I’m a puritan.  So no worries for me.

You don’t have to do anything wrong to be checked.  The Cyprus Police set up spot checks and stop and breathalyse everybody.  Yes its a nuisance to be stopped so often, but I applaud what they’re doing to try to stamp out drinking and driving.

Low limits in Cyprus

Also be aware the levels of alcohol tolerated are much lower than those in the UK for example.  In Cyprus, the legal limit in Cyprus is 22 microgrammes to every 100 millilitres of breath.  Compare that with the UK at 35 microgrammes to every 100 millilitres of breath - you don’t have to drink very much at all to be over the limit in Cyprus.

The message?  Beware!

Find out more from the Cyprus Mail.

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