Cyprus is ideal for special interest activity holidays

Cyprus holds 4% of the British and 5% of the German special interest tourism market, according to the findings of three different surveys presented yesterday by Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO).

Cyprus ranks 12th in the preferences of British tourists when choosing a special interest tourism destination and 16th in the preferences of German tourists. Moreover, the surveys reveal that British and German tourists who visit Cyprus are satisfied with their stay, the great majority of them stating that they will chose Cyprus again as a holiday destination.

However, perceptions in general within the public and tourist operators in the two countries are somewhat different, with many considering Cyprus an expensive destination, which suffers from insufficient infrastructure and does not offer a unique experience.

Some 64 per cent of German tourists and 63 per cent of British tourists asked consider the Cyprus tourist product to be synonymous with “sun and sea” holidays.

Addressing the event Deputy Head Director of Tourism Annita Demetriades said that “the development of alternative forms of tourism contributes greatly to shaping a fully-fledged image of Cyprus as a tourist destination”.

She added that “special interests contribute in a positive way to achieving the main goals of the tourist strategy in relation to dealing with seasonality problems; increasing holiday demand towards Cyprus and enhancing arrivals in out of season periods, as well as increasing visitors per capita spending”.

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