Bedford TM lorry at Polemi, Paphos District, Cyprus

The Bedford TM was a heavy goods vehicle constructed by Bedford Vehicles, the British arm of General Motors’ commercial vehicle division, between 1974 and 1986.

Up until the launch of the TM, Bedford had been building mostly low-specification short haul distribution trucks, such as the Bedford TK and KM. In view of the increasing popularity of high cab “luxury” cabs in the maximum weight long distance category, such as the Volvo F88, Scania 110 and Leyland Marathon, Bedford designed the TM as a competitor.

The Bedford TM was available as either an articulated tractor unit, or as a rigid, in either wide or narrow day and sleeper cabs, the TM was actually a highly competent vehicle, and over the years was a common sight with some of the larger UK operators. It offered new standards of comfort and refinement especially for a Bedford.

The Bedford TM finally bowed out in 1986, with the collapse of its parent company.

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