Snorkelling in Cyprus

Snorkelling in Cyprus can be great fun, if you know where to go. In the summer months the sea is very warm and usually very clear. Here are our top tips to enjoy snorkelling in Cyprus.

  • Get away from the normal tourist beaches and boat pleasure trips – they’re more interested in drinking than snorkelling
  • The water temperature will be fine from May to September or even October and you will not need a wetsuit. ¬†You might need a t-shirt to prevent getting sunburnt
  • On the west coast of Cyprus try the Akamas coastline – stretching from Agios Georgios north of Paphos to Latsi (sometimes spelled Latchi) west of Polis is generally pretty good
  • There are fish to be seen, especially in the quieter bays
  • Be careful of the turtles that nest on some of the Akamas beaches – especially those around Lara
  • On the east coast of Cyprus near Protaras and Agia Napa two places recommended are Konnos Bay and from the beach near Ayia Anagiri church. Also the reefs at Cape Greco
  • There are plenty of diving centres and stores to buy any equipment you might need

Snorkelling in Cyprus on video

Check out these three videos of snorkelling in Cyprus:

Manolis (4min 52sec)

Near Latsi (6min 30sec)

Near Agios Georgios (4min 52sec)

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  1. nick says:

    great post!
    what equipment did you use to film under water? 

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