Snorkelling at Paphos Lighthouse

The west coast of Paphos tends to be rocky with waves – and that’s exactly what we found at Paphos Lighthouse.  Snorkelling there isn’t for the faint hearted – read on to find out why.

Getting there

Park up in the car park near Paphos Harbour, walk towards the castle and then it’s a short walk following the coastal path to the coast near Paphos Lighthouse.

What’s good about it?

If you’re on holiday in Paphos, this is easy to get to.

We found crystal clear water and lots of Cornet Fish.  The water isn’t as warm as the north coast of the Akamas peninsula, but it’s still very pleasant.

There are lots of interesting rock shapes to explore.  The coastline also has lots of rock pools – check those out too – we found a crab.

Crab in the rock pools near Paphos Lighthouse

There is reputed to be a wreck here of the Ektimon – a 5,000 ton Greek freighter that ran aground in 1971. It’s said very broken up due to storms, but the two propellers are reputed to still be there.  It’s described as being in 6m of water 100m off the coast, but we couldn’t find it.

If you attempt to find the wreck, watch out for the frequent pleasure boats sailing up and down this part of the coast – they won’t be expecting to find snorkelers here.

What’s bad about it?

The sea is pretty lively with lots of crashing waves.  This makes getting in and out a bit of a challenge, and means that when snorkeling in shallow water you need to be careful you don’t get bounced onto the sharp rocks by a big wave.

There is also a pretty strong current flowing along the coast – keep a close eye on where you’re headed to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We strongly suggest you avoid Paphos Lighthouse for snorkeling unless you are a strong swimmer and an experienced snorkeler.

Our snorkel rating?

Three out of five.

Check it out for yourself

Here’s our video of snorkelling at Paphos Lighthouse:

Location map

View Snorkelling in Cyprus – Paphos Lighthouse in a larger map

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