Snorkelling in Cyprus - the Blue Lagoon

The north coast of the Akamas peninsula coastline is a snorkeller’s paradise. The Blue Lagoon is a popular, large bay with an island in the middle.  Here’s what we found.

Getting there

There are two choices, by car or by boat.

If you’re going by car, it’d better be a pretty capable 4×4, and you’d better be pretty capable driving it.  Follow the coast road from Latsi to the Baths of Aphrodite, and then continue along the unmade track past the campsite signed ‘Akamas’. This road is not for the faint-hearted.  The road is signed ‘Dangerous Road’ – and they mean it.

The alternative route by car is to follow the road from Latsi up to the village of Neo Chorio, and then continue towards Pegeia.  This starts out as a tarmac road, becoming a concrete road and then an unmade road.  After 2-3km you come to a junction – turn right signed to Fontana Amorosa.  The road winds up and over the mountain with some great views but treat the road with great care.  After a further 6km you come to another junction – again go right towards Fontana Amorosa.  The road drops down quite steeply in places – a 4×4 is pretty much essential.  At Fontana Amorosa turn right and follow the coast tracks to Blue Lagoon.

The better and more fun option is to hire a boat from Latsi.  Even with a relatively low powered boat, getting to Blue Lagoon from Latsi takes under 30 minutes.  Find out more about hiring a boat at Latsi.

If you do hire a boat to go to the Blue Lagoon, don’t try to sail between the island and the land.  There’s a reef a few inches under the water that’ll do a lot of damage to the bottom of your boat.

What’s good about it?

The Blue Lagoon is a sheltered bay where the water tends to be warmer – in summer it’s up to 30 degrees C!.  The sandy bottom gives the sea that magical turquoise colour.  There’s a fair number of fish.  There are lots of shells and other aquatic life on the sea bed. Explore the rocks around the edges and around the island.

What’s bad about it?

The Blue Lagoon gets very popular in the summer, especially with boatloads of tourists from Latsi.  Watch out for beginners trying to drive boats. Go early or late to avoid the crowd.

Our snorkel rating?

Four out of five.

Will the fish says

It’s busy.  The shallow water’s clear.  The bottom’s sandy.  Fair amount of fish.

Check it out for yourself

Here’s our video of snorkelling at the Blue Lagoon:

Location map

View Snorkelling at the Blue Lagoon in a larger map.

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