The distinctive 'Amphitheater', Akamas, Cyprus.

The distinctive ‘Amphitheater’, Akamas, Cyprus.

The north coast of the Akamas peninsula coastline is a snorkeller’s paradise. Amphitheater – or to give it it’s correct name of Fotiadis Gulf – is a bay between the Baths of Aphrodite and the Blue Lagoon on the north coast of the Akamas.  Here’s what we found.

The bay gets its name ‘Amphitheater’ from an ancient quarry on its western edge.  Rock was mined in ancient times leaving a distinctive stepped area reminiscent of an amphitheater.  Worth a look…

Getting there

There are two choices, by car or by boat.

If you’re going by car, it’d better be a pretty capable 4×4, and you’d better be pretty capable driving it.  Follow the coast road from Latsi to the Baths of Aphrodite, and then continue along the unmade track past the campsite signed ‘Akamas’.  This road is not for the faint hearted.  The road is signed ‘Dangerous Road’ – and they mean it.

The alternative route by car is to follow the road from Latsi up to the village of Neo Chorio, and then continue towards Pegeia.  This starts out as a tarmac road, becoming a concrete road and then an unmade road.  After 2-3km you come to a junction – turn right signed to Fontana Amorosa.  The road winds up and over the mountain with some great views but treat the road with great care.  After a further 6km you come to another junction – again go right towards Fontana Amorosa.  The road drops down quite steeply in places – a 4×4 is pretty much essential.  At Fontana Amorosa turn right and follow the coast tracks to Amphitheater.

The better and more fun option is to hire a boat from Latsi.  Even with a relatively low powered boat, getting to Amphitheater from Latsi takes under 20 minutes.  Find out more about hiring a boat at Latsi.

What’s good about it?

Amphitheater is a sheltered bay so the waves aren’t too daunting and the water tends to be warmer.  The water goes from shallow to deep fast giving lots of variety.  There’s a fair number of fish.  There are lots of shells and other aquatic life on the sea bed.  The rock formations around the bay are pretty cool.

Effectively there are two sides to the bay.  The east side is easier to get into from the beach, but the west side is the better snorkelling.  Its still easy to get into the west side, you just can’t drive your car right up to the edge of the water because the rocks are just too rough.

What’s bad about it?

Not much really. If you get in from the beach, the water is a bit cloudy where the sand has been stirred up.  Swim out and Cyprus’ normal crystal clear water returns.

Our snorkel rating?

Four out of five.

Will the fish says

Like the clear water, the rockiness, the variety of aquatic life, the opportunity to freedive down deep.

Check it out for yourself

Here’s our videos of snorkelling and freediving at Amphitheater:

Location map

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2 Responses to Snorkelling in Cyprus: Akamas Coast – Amphitheatre

  1. Simon Godfrey says:

    Getting There…………………, boat OR WALK!

    It is only about an hour’s walk from the car park at Aphroditie’s Baths to the Amphitheatre
    or Blue Lagoon. IMHO the fewer vehicles that use the tracks in the Akamas the better for walkers, wildlife and the ecology of the place.

    • admin says:

      Sure you can walk Simon. I wouldn’t fancy it myself, it’s a bit of a hike carrying snorkeling gear. I would say though that vehicle users should be sensible and not treat the Akamas as some sort of 4×4 fun park.

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