Spring blossom, Polemi, Paphos District, Cyprus

Spring blossom, Polemi, Paphos District, Cyprus

Spring in Cyprus is just the best. The winter’s rains bring the countryside to life. February and March are months of verdant colours to savour.

One of the most notable features of Cyprus’ landscape in February and early March are the trees in blossom. The island is covered in them – their delicate white and pink blossom announcing spring’s arrival.

The other feature of the Cyprus countryside in spring is the masses of yellow flowers.  For some reason, the yellow flowers arrive first. By March, the wild flowers are every colour you can imagine.

If you’re thinking of visiting Cyprus, come in spring. Sure the weather is a bit variable than the height of the summer, but the vibrant landscape makes sitting out the odd shower totally worthwhile.

See more pictures of spring flowers in Polemi, Paphos District, Cyprus.

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