Parking in Cyprus is an art form to be savoured!

Parking in Cyprus is an art form to be enjoyed.  It’s a big game where the rules are sparse and the possibilities are endless. 

Here’s some principles to get you started as a real Cypriot…

  • You should never park more than 10 metres from where you’re going.  Anything else is failure to some degree.
  • Yellow lines are rare and not to be taken seriously.
  • If you can physically get your car into or onto something, then it’s a valid parking space.  A 4×4, the bigger the better, opens up endless choice.
  • Double parking (and more) is actively encouraged.  Just leave your keys so somebody can move your car if they have to.
  • Car parks are for softies only.  If you’ve got to go with that option, you haven’t tried hard enough.
  • You should never pay in a pay and display car park.  As tickets are valid all day, just find somebody going and ask them for their ticket.  Nobody will be offended in the slightest.
  • Parking on the pavement is expected.  Running anybody over in the process is a mild handicap.
  • Touch parking is absolutely forbidden.  Cypriots love their cars so the risk of even the most minor damage is to be avoided.
  • Be creative.  Remember the challenge is to get as close as possible to where you’re going.  If you can physically step out of your car directly into the kiosk you’ve stopped at you’ve succeeded.
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  1. Jackie says:

    This is so funny! And so true! I really laughed out loud reading this and it reminded me of the time a friend of mine did get knocked over on the pavement by someone trying to park their 4 x 4 (it’s OK – he didn’t get hurt)

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