Go horse riding in Paphos Forest with Ride Cyprus

My twelve year old daughter loves horse riding. No, more than that – she’s horse mad. And today we found the perfect place to take her horse riding in Cyprus.

It’s called Ride in Cyprus, and its high in Paphos Forest just beyond the village of Lysos on the road to Stavros tis Tsokkas. A bit off the beaten track, but well worth making the effort to visit.

Previously she’s been riding at George’s Ranch near Agios Georgios, but that was a bit tame for her. This was the real thing.

She went out as a group of just three to ride the tracks and lanes around Lysos. Longer rides take in the deserted villages of Melandria, Istinjio and Sarama.

The countryside of the Paphos Forest is truly beautiful, and the perfect place to go horse riding in Cyprus.

Watch these videos to see for yourself!

My daughter is already planning her next visit. You can too by visiting www.rideincyprus.com or by calling Caroline on +357 99 777624.

See also Go Riding at George’s Ranch.

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