Cyprus in October is very pleasant. Most of the time it's still sunny and warm, though being autumn you can expect some showers about.  Beware – when it decides to rain in Cyprus – it really rains!

Average daytime temperatures are a very mild 27 degrees C, and night time temperatures an equally mild 18 degrees. Even the sea is still warm enough to swim.

Eating out in the evenings is beginning to get a bit chilly – its best to take a jacket or jumper to enjoy al fresco dining.

This is a really good time to get out and about and explore the Cypriot countryside. Autumns colours are beginning to appear, especially in the vineyards. If you like being out in the countryside, this is the time to do it.

The summer's tourist invasion is now well past its peak. That opens up many more choices for the last minute traveller. It's also early enough for everything to still be open so there's lots to do and see.

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