Deserted village of Melandra, Paphos District, Cyprus

Deserted village of Melandra, Paphos District, Cyprus

As a professional, qualified photographer operating in Cyprus, I can help you take great pictures with training and coaching.

The format is:

  • Monthly I set you an assignment to go and shoot something. You send me your best picture, I put it online to discuss with others taking part and give you feedback.
  • Periodically I arrange field trips in the area between Paphos and Limassol to meet up and go and shoot stuff. Again, I put some of the resulting pictures online to discuss.

Make Great Pictures

Photography is my passion. I hope I can share that with you. To see some of my personal pictures, go to my website.

Start Now!

If you’d like to take part, fill out the details below to give me an idea of your current ability and what you’d like to achieve. I’ll then be in touch to help you start making better pictures!
Right now this is a FREE programme for the first five people who want to take part.
After that we will introduce a small monthly charge. So start filling out and send me the details below and let’s get going!

About you and your camera

Some basics to get a feel for where you're at now and what you want to achieve.

Your experience

We're trying to understand more about what you've done.

Your knowledge now

Don’t worry if you can’t answer some or all of these – it's not a test! They’re here to help ascertain what learning would benefit you.

Your contact details

Information to enable us to get in touch with you to get started!.


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