Rainstorm in Paphos!  When it rains, it rains so hard the roads flood in minutes!

Rainstorm in Paphos! When it rains, it rains so hard the roads flood in minutes!

Cyprus in January is a whole lot different to the UK – and a whole lot more pleasant!

During the daytime it’s generally sunny with temperatures reaching up to a maximum of about 20 degrees C and an average of 17 degress C.

When the sun dips below the horizon the temperature drops very quickly to an average of 5 degrees C – a big change – remember to carry a jumper or jacket with you!

There are also some rainy days in Cyprus – but they’re definitely in the minority.  Having said that, you need to be prepared.

Rain in Cyprus is very different to rain in the UK. When it decides to rain, it rains very hard indeed for a short period, and then the sun comes out again. Whole days without sunshine are unusual.

As the country just isn’t designed to deal with torrential downpours, the roads flood very quickly, and rivers appear out of nowhere carrying sand, soil and gravel along with them as they go. Be caught out in it, and you’ll be soaked to the skin in moments!

There is an upside to the rain. The countryside benefits from it turning a verdant green. The early spring flowers begin to bloom bringing splashes of colour to the fields and hillsides. As the sun shines out of the blue sky, you have to pinch yourself and remind yourself it’s January!

All in all, like any time of the year, a great time to be in Cyprus!

When it rains, it RAINS!

Here’s a video you’ll enjoy that shows just how much it can rain in Cyprus in January.

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