Sunset Family Restaurant - a pefect stop on the way to the Akamas

Sunset Family Restaurant - a pefect stop on the way to the Akamas

Situated in Agios Georgios on the corner of the turning to the Akamas and Lara, the Sunset Family Restaurant is well worth a visit.

Sure you can eat a full meal – including the freshest of fish – or you can just stop for a sandwich as we did.

The welcome was the warmest and the service was friendly.  We’d barely sat down when the two most chilled Cokes arrived – so welcome in the hot Cyprus sun.

Ordering food was a little more leisurely – but in our case easy.  We were on our way to Lara Beach, and just fancied a quick sandwich on the way.  We chose cheese and tomato – served as normal in Cyprus as a toasted sandwich. 

The sandwiches were delicious – and far better value than the café at Lara Beach itself.  The view is not as good though!

To entertain the kids, there’s a sort of animal sanctuary around the back.  Don’t expect much, but it will keep younger ones entertained for a while.  The restaurant also doubles as a kiosk, so if you want to take some simple snacks, drinks or cigarettes with you, they’re available.

Would we return?  Certainly – and indeed we already have many times!

Sunset Family Restaurant
2 Laras Street
Agios Georgios

Tel:  26 621945

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  1. gemma says:

    i went to cyprus for my 21st birthday with my family we went here on our second night. The food was absolutly amazing we had there fish meze and it was beautiful and the owners were ever so friendly, the food and hospitality was so nice we went back before we left for the meat meze. A place i would highly recamendx

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