SODAP produces some internationally renowned wines

In 1947, a team of forward looking Vine Growers decided to organise their own production to relieve themselves from the insecurities of the troubled times on the Island. They created SODAP uniting 10,000 families from 144 vine growing villages into one wine co-operative.

From the beginning SODAP was supported by the whole vine growing community. SODAP owns and operates two wineries, one in Limassol and the other in Polemi, the two main wine producing areas of Cyprus.

Since its beginning in 1997, the Island Vines and Mountain Vines project has established SODAP's name of quality in international competitions, such as the "International Wine Challenge Competition", held in London, winning metals and seals of approval, consistently year after year. 

The hillsides around Polemi and Stroumbi are covered in vineyards

SODAPs main bottling plant remains at Limassol Winery.

In 2004 all winemaking moved from Pafos to the new winery built in the heart of the best vineyards of the Paphos Mountains between the villages of Stroumbi and Polemi. Kamanterena is one of the most modern wineries in the world.

Equipped with the latest winemaking technology, it produces excellent quality award-winning table wines of the Paphos Region.

For more pictures of the vineyards around Polemi and the SODAP winery.

Our villa in Polemi is built amongst the vineyards that send their grapes to the SODAP winery. 

September is the month to harvest the grapes around Polemi and Stroumpi

And when we're in the UK, you can buy SODAP 'Island Vines' wine in our locol Co-op supermarket. When the rain of an English summer patters against the windows, we can drink Island Vines red and in our hearts be 2,000 miles away in the Cypriot sunshine.

Read more about SODAP and the grape harvest in the vineyards around Polemi.

Tried any Cyprus or SODAP wine?  What did you think?

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