Take a lesson or go for a hack!

Take a lesson or go for a hack!

Love horses? Want to ride? George’s Ranch is the place for you.

The prime attraction is of course to go for a leisurely hack through the wild beauty of the St George’s area leading down to the beach at Sea Caves. Alternatively, its possible to ride through some of the forested areas towards Peyia.

In the mid-summer heat riding is restricted to the cooler parts of the day – morning and late afternoon. Pick your time right and you can enjoy the spectacle of the sun setting over the sea from horseback.

George’s Ranch has a range of horses and ponies you can ride. The friendly people are able to cater for all levels of experience – absolute beginner to experienced rider. Riding hats are available if you’ve forgotten to bring yours with you.

Go riding at George's Ranch, Agios Georgios, Paphos District, Cyprus

Go riding at George's Ranch, Agios Georgios, Paphos District, Cyprus

George’s Ranch is located on the sea side of the main coast road north from Paphos to Agios Georgios, after the turning to Coral Bay.

Been there? Tell us about your experience below!

To find out more, ring +357 99 647 790

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7 Responses to Go Riding At George’s Ranch!

  1. Joe McC says:

    I’ve been, good horses!

  2. sophie says:

    hi i haven’t been there yet but it looks great! I am going there with my son and daughter to ride. My daughter Rosie wants her own pony do you have any ponies for sale there? She likes all colors one thats not too fast and not to slow. Also one you can hack out alone on hack out alone on and school them and is friendly and easy to handle

  3. sophie says:

    hi its me again i can’t afford to buy a pony but do you have any ponies on loan? we are moving there and i really want her to have one. is there a dun pony that we could loan perhaps a gelding


    • admin says:

      Hi Sophie

      I’m sorry – I don’t have any connection with George’s Ranch, I just write about things we enjoy in Cyprus.

      I suggest you contact them directly.


  4. lynwil53 says:

    Despite its name and exterior “cowboy” image, Georges Ranch is a serious and proper riding establishment, with high quality, well-cared-for horses and ponies. It is not a trekking centre.
    They offer good hacking (max one + half hours) along the coast by the sea caves (stunning scenery!). Also lessons in the school.
    I very much enjoyed my ride on a lovely horse which was totally suited to my ability.
    If you go, DO NOT lie about your riding experience, they will know straight away!
    If you cannot ride, or are nervous/rusty, they will look after you and ensure your safety.
    If you are experienced, you can enjoy a great ride on a lively, well-schooled horse.
    Highly recommended (any chance of a free hack when I return, which I definitely will!)

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